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print a manual for pregnant women and communities to recognize danger signs of pregnancies and allow them to seek medical help early enough


will buy one  50kg cement bag to use for the construction of waiting mother shelter


will enable the project to provide one  took kit and manual to school health club and community health club members for use in training  people at community and school level disseminating various health messages.


will enable the project to buy one  bicycles for village health workers  for use in disseminating health messages and visiting pregnant mothers and their new babies at home to monitor health indicators,  allowing these cadres to reach more people within a short time.


will construct a block of  3 toilets and 3 shower rooms at one newly constructed waiting mother shelters


will enable the project to procure one  7,500 litre water tank for the waiting mother shelters to allow easy access of clean water at clinics – but also allow the clinics to do water harvesting during the rainy seasons.


will buy enough solar panels to equip a waiting mother shelter enabling access to electricity.  This will allow the clinics to attend to emergencies even at night.  




Improved maternal health care services for women of childbearing age in Gokwe North




In rural areas of Zimbabwe, maternal mortality rates are still very high. Few, ill equipped health care facilities combined with the limited awareness of the benefits of maternal health services are the leading causes for high numbers of women and children dying during childbirth. 


This project entitled "Improved maternal health care services for women of childbearing age in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe" is implemented with funding provided by the Department for International Development (DFID) and ADRA-UK. The 36-month project implemented by ADRA Zimbabwe will improve maternal health care services for 7,500 women (including mothers, pregnant women and girls of reproductive age) in 3 wards of Gokwe North District.


ADRA will improve safe delivery and basic essential obstetric care facilities in 4 partner clinics, improve the quality of maternal health care services at the clinics and increase the awareness of maternal health services for women. The project will also increase knowledge of health risks and work to address health-seeking behaviours with both men and women in the communities.

Main activities include the construction and equipping of waiting mothers shelters and upgrading of basic amenities at the four clinics (solar energy; improved water and sanitation facilities) and the establishment of an emergency ambulance service to respond to pre and post maternal emergencies and transport patients on referral.

In addition, ADRA will also improve the capacity of staff at the clinics and provide general health awareness training for women and girls. To disseminate maternal and health related information, ADRA will setup various health education clubs within the communities and at local schools, including a men’s forums. Topics such as maternal health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition and reproductive health will be discussed. 

The project targets initially 7,500 women, but its long-term benefits will extend out to the community and during the course of this project significant results will be expected. 


Funding is provided by the British Government’s Department for International Development and ADRA-UK


The project started on the 1st of November 2013 and will last 36 months.