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What is ADRA Connections?

ADRA Connections is a volunteering program in which YOU can visit one of our overseas offices and get involved with a real ADRA project!

What will you do on a Connections trip?
Get your hands dirty and actively work with developing communities around the world to create small changes that will last a lifetime. Examples of projects you could be working on are:

  • Building projects, i.e. refurbishing school rooms, libraries
  • Water Harvesting 

How long are trips?
We know not everyone can commit months to volunteering, so we have made our trips short-term.
You can choose a trip for either 10 or 15 days, ideal for annual leave or school holidays!

How many people can travel on an ADRA Connections trips?
Trips can cater for 15 to 35 people (depending on the trip), so your friends, church youth group or even work colleagues can all have a life-changing ADRA experience with us!
Why not form your own group and travel together?

If you would like to go on any of these trips, please contact Sophie at volunteering@adra.org.uk

Stay posted to our website or join our volunteering database by filling in our registration form - and we will keep you up-to-date with all upcoming ADRA Connections trips!


How much will it cost?
There is only ONE fee to pay on an ADRA Connections trip and we sort all the little bits!

The price per trip includes:

  • Overseas project/building costs 
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport in-country
  • Sightseeing/pre-planned excursion
  • Insurance

Visas and immunisations are outside of these costs. 

For more details on price, please contact us with the trip you would like to attend and we will let you know the price! 

We give a minimum of 6-8months to raise money for your ADRA Connections trip. Why not use this as a reason to fundraise? We have some great ways to raise money! 

If you need any other information or want to sign up for a trip do not hesitate to get in contact! volunteering@adra.org.uk



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