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- Adventist Volunteer Services

ADRA International places individuals throughout the ADRA global network.  

View positions vacant throughout the global ADRA network.

Volunteering can play an effective role in helping ADRA fulfill its humanitarian mission and in providing extra support to ADRA country partners. ADRA-UK wants to assist you in making the volunteer experience as successful as possible for both you, the volunteers, as well as the beneficiary.

You can help!

ADRA-UK is launching a new volunteering programme that will utilise the service of volunteers within the UK and abroad.

ADRA volunteers have served in many capacities - as accountants, diesel mechanics, grant writers, construction supervisors, health educators, assistants etc. However, volunteers can have a wealth of experience and skills that are not only found at an academic level.

By recognising the need for a programme which simply requires a willingness and availability to help those in need, ADRA-UK are launching a new branch to their existing volunteer experiences.

Our catalogue of forthcoming projects will ensure people can become involved, whatever their qualifications and skills.

For the opportunity to volunteer with ADRA-UK, click the link to fill in the form and we will contact you with volunteering experiences that suit you. 

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