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General Downloads

ADRA Do Something Kit (PDF) 
ADRA International's ' Do Something Kit' equips families, churches and individuals to transform your desire to help the world into action!

Fundraising Sponsorship form (PDF)
Sponsorship form for fundraising activities for ADRA-UK.

Download the Fundraising Powerkit here for a lot of information and tips on how to raise funds!


Other Resources


Annual Reports

Each year ADRA-UK releases an Annual Report. You can view our Annual Reports by downloading these online or requesting a physical copy to be mailed to you.

Annual Report 2005 (PDF)

Annual Report 2006 (PDF)

Annual Report 2007 (PDF)

Annual Report 2008 (PDF)

Annual Report 2009 (PDF)

Annual Report 2010 (PDF)

Annual Report 2011 (PDF)

Annual Report 2012  (PDF)

Annual Report 2013  (PDF)

Annual Report 2014 (PDF)

Annual Report 2015 (PDF)

Annual Report 2016 (PDF)

*To view the Annual Report, you need the free Adobe Reader available here.