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Stanborough Park, Watford, WD25 9JZ, England - Registered charity 1074937 (SCO37726, IOM1101)

Our Vision: A world without poverty and distress.

Our Mission: To empower the poor around the world with the resources, skills and opportunities to live a better life with dignity and hope.

How we work:

ADRA receives funds from various sources, identifies projects that target specific needs, then provides funding, technical assistance, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation of those projects to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.

The agency's work is divided into two main areas: development and relief:

Development is a process of social and economic change whereby people are empowered to take care of themselves, sustenance, and future within a society. Its premise is, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." During development, change is not just measured by people 'having more' but by them 'being more'. 

It is also a process whereby structures are changed to promote justice, equality and democracy. Responsible development practice is designed to have a long-term, positive impact on a community. ADRA believes it is essential to engage the community in the process of planning. Thus, consultations take place with the local community to determine and prioritize their needs. This enables the community to have a voice in the decision-making and take ownership of the project.

Relief (or Emergency Management) projects include short-term assistance given to relieve immediate emergency needs. This includes projects such as shelter, clothing, food and medical treatment. Disaster relief activities often transition from this handout' mode to development to avoid the creation of dependency and to enable long-term sustainability.

What we are:


The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA-UK) is an independent humanitarian agency established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the specific purpose of individual and community development and disaster relief. The registered office is located in Watford, Hertfordshire. ADRA-UK is a registered charity in the UK, Scotland and the Isle of Man. 


ADRA-UK partners with agencies in over 25 countries. In addition, it supports projects in the United Kingdom every year. ADRA-UK uses its resources effectively, keeping administrative cost down.


ADRA recognizes the dignity that is inherent in each person and is committed to improving the quality of human life. It serves people without regard to their ethnic, political, or religious association. It helps those in need, especially those most vulnerable such as women and children. 


ADRA-UK is part of the ADRA international network operating in approximately 120 countries. ADRA is loosely organised as a network of independent agencies. Each ADRA office, like ADRA-UK, works independently and is governed by its own board and constitution. The network provides an interface to our work of development and relief.As one of the leading non-governmental relief and development organisations in the world, the Agency was granted General Consultative Status by the United Nations in 1997.